Coffee Roastery Freija in Rovaniemi

The story of Freija's Roastery

From ten kilograms of coffee berries, only about 1,5 kilograms of roasted coffee is made. The picking of those ten kilograms of coffee berries and processing them to raw beans and to coffee is hard and demanding work. Therefore it is interesting how cheap the price of coffee can be on this side of the globe. The fact is that the price of coffee is set low for international markets, that farmers focus on quantity rather than quality and use cheaper employees. There ain't such thing as a free lunch.

In Coffee Roastery Freija in Rovaniemi, only selected premium raw beans are roasted. We can track the origin of the beans to the farms, which offer fair pay to their employees. Our coffees are always single origin coffees, which means that the coffee originates to one area only, with no cheaper varieties mixed in.

Our selection has varying seasonal products, like coffee from a farm in Colombia which is maintained by a women's organization and another coffee from a farm in Mexico, which supports the local elementary school. Depending on availability and farming seasons, we offer coffee from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Burundi, Kenia, India and Indonesia.

Our café always serves coffees, which are freshly roasted in our own roastery, sometimes more than one variety. And refills are free of charge!

Coffee Vincent

The first coffee we launched from our roastery was Coffee Vincent, in 2018. It is a light roasted coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia. The coffees of the area are known for their characteristic and stylish floral, herbal and citrus touches. 

- Origin: West Arusi Mountains, Bale-Mountain National Park
- Cultivation hight: 2300 meters
- Harvest: October to January

Coffee Musti

This coffee is named after our cat Musti, (musta means black in Finnish) and it is a dark mid-roast from Cuba, grown in the shadows. The steep mountains in Cuba form a cool climate, which provide suitable conditions for coffee even in lower altitudes. Cuban coffees are low-acid, rich, spicy, earthy and tobacco-tinted.

- Origin: Sagua Baracoa,  La Sierra Maestra, Sierra del Elcambray, Sierra del Rosario 
- Cultivation hight: 200-750 meters
- Harvest: July to February

(kuva Musti-kahvietiketistä)

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